Our Story

We started Kana Culture as a place where Cannabis Enthusiasts can share and engage in the Culture of Cannabis. This journey over 35 years ago when we germinated a few seeds from random bag weed that I put in my window sill when I was in High School because I thought I could grow some free weed.  Wow what a novel idea.. I later put the little plants outside in the garden by the back of the house.. like my mom would never know.  The weed was growing like crazy then one day I went outside to check on my plants and they were Gone!!   OMG What the Hell happened!  My heart sunk.. Although I couldn't really say anything or inquire about what happened since it wasn't exactly legal to grow cannabis at the time.  I never found out what happened to my plants but I'm pretty sure it was my parents pulled the weed and tossed it.. So I guess it's kind of weed "under the bridge" or in the garbage can at this point.

The local weed you can get these days is  pretty good but you never really knew what you are getting. If you ask about it the response is usually "it's OG Kush or Chronic" or something like that.  Well what exactly is it? Is it a Indica a Sativa maybe a Hybrid? Who really knows..

We felt that if you could find the right genetics and some research you could grow weed that was as good if not better than anyone else.  And better yet if you planned right you could have a never ending supply of organic top-shelf bud anytime you want for very little cost and some effort. So that's where the journey begins.

Why Cannabis?

Our passion for this wonderful plant has culminated over the years. We have always been fascinated by living things and realize that everything on this planet is here for a reason and many of these things can benefit our lives in so many ways.  Cannabis however is a very fascinating plant as it grows on almost every continent and has been used by humans for thousands of years.

It appears that humans have a symbiotic relationship with cannabis.  As much as drug wars, government and the other powers that be try to keep this plant from us she always comes back to us.  Cannabis has the ability to teaches us how to care for her and she in turn takes care of us with her healing powers.

We wanted to be able to grow our own cannabis in a meaningful way that was natural and organic without pesticides or any other chemicals.  Weed is a simple plant that anyone can grow.. but the question is can you grow really good weed?  We see a lot of people who spend lots of money on grow setups and generally grow good stuff.  But can you grow some  really kickass bud on a limited budget?  The answer is "Yes" you can and we will show you how.

This website is for those of you that want to find out more about this wonderful healing plant, watch us grow and learn along with us.  This is a journey to push yourself beyond your own knowledge and boundaries and explore a new world where we are all constantly learning and evolving.

Grow With Us...

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